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Cute 19 y.o. Rebecca tickled for the first time on vacation

I met Rebecca near the pool when I was resting on a paradise island. I was attracted by her sexy feet, which she played, lying on a deckchair. Later we met again in the hotel lobby, and during the conversation I ventured to invite her to try to act in a tickling video. To my delight, she was okay with that idea and we went up to her room.

I tied her legs to a chair, and left her hands free. We talked a little about this and that, and then I took a feather and began to check her feet for ticklishness. She cute responded to tickling and embarrassed. I used oil, my hands and a comb, as well as an electric toothbrush.
Most of all she was affraid the comb, then the hands, and the toothbrush gave her rather pleasure than tickling.
It turned out a cute clip with the tickling of a young tanned girl. Enjoy!

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