Vanda is very ticklish. Long tickling procedures with cute babe


Length - 23:43 - 1080P

Meet young Vanda!
She’s very cute and super sensitive, that’s great! She has never been tickled before and has no idea how it will be.
She sits tied on the bench with her toes tied and I take a feather to tickle her feet. Her reaction is great, her feet are really ticklish.

Next, I tickle her with my hands and an electric toothbrush. Vanda is wiggling a lot and laughing cutely. I can’t stop tickling her so the clip turns out more than 20 min. She’s so nice with her ticklish reaction, I love to watch on her during the tickling.
I also cover her soles with a shaving foam and tickle her with it. Next, I lubricate her soles with some oil and tickle her with a toothbrush.

Closer to the end of the clip I put a ball gag in her mouth and continue to tickle her nice feet. Enjoy!

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