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Cynthia & April’s Challenge – Extended Version

HFJC! I must admit here that this was something really special to me because it was a unique experience! It is kind of cool to let you discover a brand new virgin dream girl but here you will discover two at the same time! They both heard about our sweaty socks challenge so they will try to win this bet together! The thing is that our slave will have to deal with four feet in his face for next forty minutes! If not? They both get a two hundred dollar bonus! No need to tell you that they both have worn the same pair of socks for about a week just to make sure this loser slave have a lot less chances to win! The funny thing is that Cynthia actually did this but with a mismatched pair of socks!

April explains the rules to our slave and it seems like Cynthia is agree with them so we are now ready to start! The slave must take those four shoes off and deal with those sweaty socks and feet in his face for the next forty minutes! The girls just can’t stop laughing! They just can’t believe this actually happens! They both takes pleasure to rub their smelly socks in his face and makes him lick the dirty bottom! Cynthia & April also wants him to remove those socks off with his teeth to now cover his face with their sweaty bare feet! It seems like they both really enjoy their first foot fetish experience! The slave now must lick their feet while they are laughing at his face! For the first time ever, you’ll see what happens when the girls win their challenge with the slave but only at the end of the extended version of this clip! This is not a hot clip alert but this is a clip that you guys MUST have in your collection! No matter what! (French Language)

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