Dead or Alive


Length – 08:17

Sneaky Sue is a  Horse Thief Wanted Dead or Alive for her crimes. A local, (Victim) of Sneaky Sue, captures Sneaky Sue at gun point.

The Victim ties Sneaky Sue to a horse hitching post leaving her there while he goes for drinks at the town saloon.

A Native American girl named Aponae discovers Sneaky Sue tied to the hitching post and steals Sneaky Sue’s boots off her feet.  Aponea then starts tickling Sneaky Sue on her feet, driving her wild.

The Victim returns and finds Aponea tickling Sneaky Sue.  Victim then captures Aponea and ties her up alongside Sneaky Sue.

Sneaky Sue unties herself and takes back the boots that Aponea stole. Then gets tickle revenge on Aponea before escaping off into the sunset.

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