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Length - 20:37 -
Definition - 1080P

Superheroine Tickle Takedown! Lady Shiva’s Laughing Demise!

Black Cat (Andi Page) and Lady Shiva (Nicole Oring) have stolen one of Batman’s experimental utility belts.  In an unexpected move, Batman hires Slade Wilson (FTKL) to track down the thieving duo!  But, there’s a catch … Slade has to leave his targets alive!  When Lady Shiva hears of this clause in Slade’s contract, it fills her with overconfidence!

Slade and Lady Shiva duke it out!  In a pitched battle, Slade outmaneuvers Lady Shiva, takes her captive and ties her up.  Still confident that Slade can’t eliminate her, she refuses to give up Black Cat or the location of Batman’s missing belt.  But, though he can’t take her out or even harm her, he has an ace up his sleeve.  He removes her boots and socks and tickles her helpless, bare feet!

Lady Shiva goes berserk, shrieking with gales of laughter and unexpected pleas for mercy!  It seems that the most dangerous feet in the world are no match for skittering fingernails and feathers!  Her long toes squirm, splay and curl as her tender soles flex and scrunch, uncontrollably!  Everything from fluffy feathers to oil and the steel claw are use to drive the sexy assassin to sheer foot-tickled madness!

Lady Shiva’s hyper-sensitive soles are tickled to a rosy shade of red, before the end, but will that be enough to make her talk?  Does she even know anything or has Black Cat used her as a fall guy?  Find out now, in this cinematically-styled DC and Marvel Comics parody!

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