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Length - 21:18 -
Definition - 720P

Debbie Gets a Well Deserved Revenge on the Hysterical Harleen

This is now time for Debbie to get a well deserved revenge on her horribly ticklish friend.
Harleen is strongly immobilized in the stocks for a ruthless tickle revenge without any mercy.
During the first half of the clip harleen is tickled on her upperbody till she goes nuts with convulsible reactions.

She is so ticklish that she has no control on her body’s reactions then after 10 minutes in hell she is immobilized face down for an unbearable bare feet punishment.
During the last minutes of the feet torments another tickler joins the action to increase the tickling at the maximum level.
Harleen is tickled to hell here till she really has no more energy to explode in laughter.

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