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Length - 23:20 -
Definition - 720P

It Is Too Much in the Stocks for the Hysterical Harleen

This is now time for Harleen to be strongly immobilized in the stocks at the mercy of her step-sister and of the FT Tickler.
This insanely ticklish new model can’t move at all now and she endures a very long and intensive tickle punishment from head to toes.
Even if the FT Tickler shows some special techniques to Ocelia for better results this clip is mostly F/F tickle action.
Harleen is methodically tickled on her underarms, hips, sides, belly, neck, legs and on her deathly ticklish feet.

This is a real merciless tickle action with an ultra sensitive young girl who is pushed to her limits by the sadistical Ocelia and the ruthless guy.
Every inch of her helpless body is horribly ticklish and the fact she absolutely can’t move makes her even more crazy.
Do you really love helpless young girls tickled to hell ?
If yes you’re at the right place.

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