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Delicious Mix Of Sweat And Dirt For Lizalka

Definition - 2160P
Length - 17:12


Sidney is a stunning, dominant lady willing to do anything to get her way. She is just a spoiled girl who doesn’t want to lift a finger not to do the most simple tasks. For that very reason, Sidney was looking for options that made her life a little bit easier, and during one of her endeavors, Sidney heard about the foot fetish world. She couldn’t contain her excitement about it; controlling several people sounded fascinating, and she was just waiting for her first submissive subject to arrive. Furthermore, Sidney knew she possessed a pair of delectable arches and could use them to attract foot lovers.

It was in that precise moment that Lizalka came in and showed her admiration towards them. Sidney immediately let her know that she was seeking new servants and there was a vacancy. The naive Lizalka begged for the opportunity, and Sidney accepted in a matter of seconds. However, Sidney wanted to assess Lizalka’s skills to make sure she would carry out the orders correctly, so she thought of a decent challenge to test Lizalka’s potential. In this video, Sidney commands Lizalka to start cleaning her disgusting, worn shoes without caring about how much grime they have gathered. She wants to know if Lizalka will leave them perfectly spotless as if they were brand new. The poor girl licks and eats all the dust as told while Sidney grins and asks if she likes the taste.

Of course, Lizalka cannot say they taste bad because that would upset her owner; therefore, she replies they are delicious. Once every inch of those shoes is clean, the demanding lady makes her new slave girl remove them to begin working on her precious bare soles. It’s worth mentioning that Sidney loves going out without socks, and this makes her feet sweat excessively after a long journey. Small spots of dirt have mixed with her foot sweat to create sticky stains over Sidney’s soles, and it’s Lizalka duty to eliminate them with her tongue. Lizalka tries to swallow all the filth lying on Sidney’s feet while being insulted and mocked for how insignificant she looks.

Then, she kisses and sucks on those delicate toes to erase any piece of toejam accumulated between them; meanwhile, Sidney laughs, enjoys the view, and lights a cigarette. Lizalka must also take care of Sidney’s heels since they are all sore and need a massage to make them feel better. In the end, Sidney takes some pictures and continues teasing her new loyal girl. She will definitely show those pictures to her friends later on so that they can have a good laugh. What a cruel princess !

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