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Length - 15:02 -
Definition - 1080P

Dina – Intensive tickling in stocks by two ticklers

By John

Beauty Dina is securely fixed in the stocks. She is very ticklish, so we have to restrict her to be able to tickle her bare feet and upper body properly. At first, she’s covered with a cloth, I go up, tickle the bare soles that come out from under the cloth, then I remove the fabric, and we see sexy Dina in a beautiful dress and no less sexy circumstances.

My partner and I tickle her actively, one of us is focused on her upper body, and I’m focused on her bare feet, tickling them with my hands, and combs, running Wartenberg’s pinwheel over her soles, licking and biting her toes. Dina squeals a lot and it only turns us on more. Subsequently, her mouth gets a big ballgag, which makes our ticklee even more helpless. By the way, the color of the ballgag matches her evening dress. After that, the tickling continues. Enjoy!

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