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Long tickling procedure for Home girl in stocks. Tickling with four hands

This is a long clip which is all about foot tickling of Home girl and just a bit of her upper body tickle. The clip starts with a nice chatting during the tying process. I securely fix her feet and hands in stocks and aware her that now it will be a very intense tickling, and she will be blindfolded and gagged with a big ballgag. Also, I tie all her toes to the stocks. Home girl has a nice mood and it seems that she enjoys what’s happening.
So, the girl is ready and I and my friend are going to tickle her very hard. We will use our hands, a feather, toothbrushes and hair combs. And also we will bite and lick her feet for a while.
Sometimes we also tickle her sides and at one moment one of us tickle her feet and another one tickles her ribs and armpits.
In the middle of the clip, I remove the gag and lubricate her feet with oil. Then we again tickle her feet intensively.

Home girl laughs and squeals a lot. After that, I remove the blindfold and we decide to use something new on Home girl’s feet. I take a Magic wand and put it on her sole, at the same time I lick her other foot. The cutie is very pleased. In the end, we take brushes again and tickle her feet harshly.

This is a long clip which is all about foot tickling of Home girl and just a bit of her upper body...
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