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Length - 08:17 -
Definition - 1080P

Dolores’s First Foot Fetish Experience

Dolores is a super hot 18 year-old Latin girl who came across an ad on Kijiji where we offer free foot massages, but for hot girls only! She was really curious about this mysterious offer, so she finally decided to pay us a visit after working all day in her flats! She was a little shy, but she told us that the best and only time of the day where her feet need attention is right after work!

Dolores was also curious to know about this guy’s massaging skills, so she immediately takes her shoes off to let him take good care of her feet! She smothers his face against the wall with her foot and makes him take some deep breaths, because she just loves to feel some fresh air on her feet! Dolores also heard about our tongue-massaging skills, so she makes this loser stick his tongue out to lick the sweaty bottom of her soles!

She really wants her feet cleaned, but it seems like she is not really happy with our service. She starts to give this loser an attitude and tells him that she will complain to his boss near the entrance if he is not doing his job right! It seems like he will now have to obey all of her instructions no matter what! This girl clearly loves being able to manipulate and take advantage of every situation! You will be sure to instantly fall in love with Dolores! She perfectly knows how to dominate! Super Hot Clip Alert! (French Language)

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