Dusya tied and tickled


Length – 12:51

Dusya is tied to a chair. The clip begins with a close-up of her bound hands, they are tied with a rope behind her back. Her legs are stretched and tied to another chair, they are also tied with a rope in the ankles. The big toes are tied to the crossbar of the chair. Now she can’t escape the tickling.

I begin to tickle her feet, first with my hands, and then with toothbrushes. After a while my partner comes to her from behind and tickles her ribs. Dusya is very ticklish and she can’t do anything about this, the ropes are firmly pressing her body to the chair.

Dusya looks so helpless, it’s very exciting. I continue to tickle her, her laughs is so cute, I tickle her big feet with my hands, toothbrushes and comb, and my partner tickles her sides and tummy. Enjoy!

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