Hey Kira, I won't stop to tickle your feet


Length – 15:29

At this clip Kira is tied in hogtie. This position is favorite for many tickling fans and I love this position too. The victim completely helpless and her feet are open to tickling, and from the outside it looks very hot by the way.
Kira’s hogtied for the first time and it seems that she likes it.

Well it’s the time to tickle her feet. I start tickle with my fingers and fingernails, and then move on to tickle with a comb. Kira has a good reaction, she jerks and laughs. I cann’t stop tickling her.
Mostly I tickle her feet, and in addition I crawled under a bench and tickle her ribs a bit. It’s just a pleasure to watch how this babe suffers from tickling!

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