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Elisara tickles cute bare feet of her friend Shiva

By John

In general, this video was born accidentally, and we didn’t plan it at all. One day, Elisara came to us with her friend Shiva for the shoot. Before that, they were hanging out and shopping together, and they had plans to spend the evening together because they hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and Shiva is leaving soon. Anyway, Elisara took Shiva to sit and wait while she finished filming, so they could continue their outing later.

Interestingly, while we were shooting videos with Elisara, Shiva was sitting in the same room and watching. It amused and intrigued her. That’s when she expressed a desire to try being tickled by Elisara. Haha, Shiva explained that she is kind of a Buddhist and follows the philosophy that in this life, you can try everything possible. That’s why she couldn’t resist this tickling madness and experienced the ticklishness of her delicate bare feet. Of course, Elisara was involved in this, too. It was she who convinced Shiva to give it a try.

So, after Shiva agreed, the barefoot lady was strapped to a bench within a mere 5 minutes and tickled by Elisara. The tickler enthusiastically and playfully tormented the bare soles of her friend’s feet using various devices, while Shiva responded with cute squeals and squirms. That’s how things sometimes happen.

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