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Emilia didn’t know she will be tickled during a Stress Test. Part 1

Emilia, 18 years old, didn’t know she will be tickled. Emilia, when signed the contract, was warned the testing could cause excessive suffering, even pain. But this unaware patient had NO IDEA that tickling her as much as possible would be the objective of this experiment. And this girl is HORRIBLE ticklish from armpits to feet. This video includes her dialogues, subtitled in English, when she discovered she will be tied…

If you watch this video on a mobile or on a laptop, use HEADPHONES and you will see the difference… you will appreciate the charm of a real 3D audio immersive experience!

Note: to appreciate the benefits of the three-dimensional immersive surround sound, watch this video with headphones. With headphones you will appreciate the separation of the Right channel and Left channel, obtained with different separate microphones.

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