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Definition - 1080P
Length - 07:20

Eva’s Exclusive Dessert

Eva knocks at my door after a long working day at the office on a Wednesday night, and it seems like she wanted to humiliate me with her smelly feet again! She wanted to remember me that I forgot to pay for the dessert on the last time we went to a nice restaurant, so she told me that she would love to see me taste her precious feet as a dessert for tonight, just to make sure i will remember about it on the next time! She makes me take her high heels shoes off, then immediatly covers my face with her sweaty naked feet! They were kind of sticky after spending all day inside her shoes, but I would never complain about it! They were just perfect!

The smell was also very strong, but she wanted me to smell them as a good loser slave! Eva also makes me stick my tongue out, just to taste and refresh the sweaty bottom of her naked soles! She totally deserves it after all! She is such a goddess! She also makes me suck on her toes, and lick all that dirt, right in between each of her toes! That was for sure one of the best dessert ever! Eva is such a beautiful diva!

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