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Length - 17:19 -
Definition - 1080P

Event with Rudana’s tender navel and a box hole – How many times can you suck in your belly?

Rudana had a bad dream, the noise of a drill, stuffiness, and fear…
When the danger came very close to her stomach, she screamed and woke up. It’s good that this was just a dream…
She went to a window and checked if everything was in order. Then she went to a mirror and stretched, exposing her beautiful and neat belly with a cute navel. She got dressed and went on her mission…

Her mission was to sneak up to her boyfriend and pick up the keys to the apartment in which he locked her so that she would comply with quarantine and avoid other problems altogether.
She entered the room wearing a T-shirt and short shorts. She looked around the guy’s office. She found the keys but the wrong ones.
Suddenly she heard a noise and hid under the table. The door opened and a guy appeared realizing that someone was there. He took the baton and began to look around. Rudana managed to run to a big box to hide. The guy was close. And when he turned away, she sat in the box. Not finding anyone, the guy sat down on a chair and began to prepare the devices. Rudana had already looked out of the box and reached for the keys hanging on his belt.

The attempt failed and then the guy got up and walked with his back to the box. Now this was her last chance and she reached for the keys, but suddenly the guy turned around and saw her. She fell into the box and rolled her eyes.
He left her alone and went to a table with many tools. Meanwhile, Rudana woke up and locked herself in the box. The guy realized that the box was closed so he cut a small hole in it to use all his tools.

First, he used a screwdriver, then a soldering iron, and each time he almost touched her navel, and she sucked in her stomach with all her might, that even her ribs were visible. Then he used a D’Arsonval device and a pen. With the tip of his pen, he tickled her navel, and the girl endured and didn’t laugh. She got sweaty and scared.
In the end, the guy used a hot kettle and iron. And at the very end, he took an electric toothbrush, with which he tickled her beautiful navel.

He left her alone for a while, and then at that moment the girl opened the box and stole the keys and then slipped away. The guy just shouted his indignation.
Of course, it was just her dream…

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