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Length - 10:14 -
Definition - 720P

Extreme Tickle for the Beautiful Dance Teacher : Bare feet Tickling

We’re very proud to introduce you the beautiful 22 years old Aymie. She’s a professional dance teacher with very beautiful and EXTREMELY TICKLISH FEET. She said us at the beginning of the clip that she loves to be tickled and that she’s very impatient to begin the experience. Well this is an excellent new for everybody then we immobilized her on our device for an extreme bare feet tickle . Aymie didn’t imagined that she were so ticklish and she was realy surprised especially when the tickler began with the feather. Unfortunately for her it is too late now because her super ticklish feet are totally at the mercy of the feathers, fingers, hairbrushes and tickling glove.

The girl discovers here that she absolutely can’t stand to have her sexy feet tickled and she explodes in laughter at each touch on them. She really loses control of herself in a foutain of laughter and more she laughs more the guy increases the tickling discovering what technique works the best. Again a new beautiful girl with super ticklish feet pushed to her limits.

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