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Liberty’s Baseball Night

Liberty is for sure my favorite dreamgirl because she loves to challenge her slave the time! She doesn’t care and takes pleasure to wear the same pair of socks for about a month just to make sure to create a very strong addiction to her feet on her slave! She knows it works and just enjoy it!

That clip was shot at the end of last summer and she wanted to watch the ultimate baseball game during the world series! The only problem is that the game length is about four hours but that’s what Liberty wants and like the most!

Four hours of attention on her feet so her slave will have all the time needed to lick and clean her precious feet! -What’s better than fresh air coming out from his nose and his mouth on my warm socks and feet after a long day? It is so easy to take advantage of him! That was just the perfect pedicure! I’ll remember that baseball game for the rest of my life!

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