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First Time Light Tickling of Aziza’s feet in the car + upper body

Aziza is a new young model. She gets into my car and tells a few words about herself and her age. She is 20 y.o. She is ticklish and her step-brother tickles her feet in the morning… It’s time to start our test!
When Aziza took off her shoes and put her feet in socks to me, I began to gently tickle her.
She laughed and closed her eyes, apparently in embarrassment.

After a while, I half pulled the sock off Aziza’s foot. Her feet were very tender. I continued to tickle her bare feet and asked how she felt. Then I smeared Aziza’s soles with cream and she began to laugh out loud. And I began to tickle her bare feet harder. Later, Aziza placed her feet under the headrest and they were as close to me as possible. Aziza was a little ticklish, but her reaction was exciting.

Then I added some tickling to her sides. Aziza raised her hands and I tickled her armpits and ribs, where she was even more ticklish. In the end, I took a close-up of her juicy feet and tickled them more.

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