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First time tickling of Ilona panic tickling attack

Ilona is an experienced girl if we’re talking about fetishes, but she has never tried tickling, and moreover, she didn’t think that she would be tickled for so long. I tied her up on the table, covered her eyes with a bandage, and began with tickling her feet with a feather – she had a panic reaction.

Since she was tightly bound, I took advantage of this and began to tickle her strongly on the sides and stomach, it seemed that she could choke on such tickling and she began to have a panic attack, so I had to take breaks.

Then I tickled her feet and she squealed and laughed and asked to stop, but it was impossible, I knew that now I can do anything with such a girl, the main thing is not to overdo it. Then I took a comb and tickled her feet, and then took both her untied feet and held them with my hands to continue tickling.

After that, Ilona was without the mask and I began to tickle her armpits and sides, and she kept wailing through laughter that she didn’t expect such a reaction from herself.

In the end, I tickled her again, making her a shaking, frightened victim, which was to be tickled more and more.

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