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Tickling new girl Amira on the bed – her first ticklish nightmare

A new girl came to visit me. I didn’t hesitate for a long time and put her on the bed to check her ticklish places and decide what to do with her next. The girl had a sexy body and was quite innocent and gentle. Her heels on her feet emphasized the shape of her legs. I left an eye mask on her face at first.

I began to tickle her sides and belly and watched her reaction. I took off the mask and began to tickle her with sharp daggers and the girl laughed sweetly and reacted well.
Then I tickled her body with a comb and feathers and then went to her feet. They were so sexy that I got aroused and began to tickle them intensely with various objects.

It was anough for her, the first tickling experience is over so far.

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