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Length - 21:29 -
Definition - 1080P

Foot Fetish Garage

Wannabe car mechanics Candy and Rosie run a small time garage, trying to fix their latest work, a neglected Trans-Am. The owner of the car is a strange guy, who offered Candy an hour of foot worship, if they can get his garbage-on-wheels to run. Candy tells this story with obvious disgust, even the very idea of licking a sweaty foot makes her sick. But Rosie took it different, she got curious about what it could feel like.

Surprised by this, Candy dared her to take a lick on her stinky sole and think this over again. But Rosie meant what she said, a short taste was not enough for her, she really wanted to try being a footlicker. Soon she realized, she actually likes smell, and even the taste of Candy’s sweaty feet. Embarrassed and surprised, Candy could not help watching and making faces at Rosie, who was licking her awful smelling, sweat-drenched soles with a smile on her face.

However, an experiment on the submissive side was not enough for Rosie, she wanted to feel a warm, wet tongue dancing on her soles, too! She talked Candy into a switch and shoved her own stinky foot into Candy’s face!

She was reluctant to take even a sniff, but deep inside she knew there’s no turning back after having her soles licked. She started with small, hesitant licks and stayed disgusted by this whole thing, she could not talk Rosie out of the game.

So she kept licking all the sweat off the stinky feet and got more and more willing, until she ended up sucking her toes like there was no tomorrow. No more lines to cross, the girls got on the top of the car and enjoyed the taste of sweat and the feeling of a playful tongue on their feet at the same time!

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