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FOOT WORSHIP GONE WRONG – Cruel Foot gagging and foot slapping !

I just got back from the gym! This day I did not use socks on purpose to have very stinky and smelly feet as I was going to use my slave’s tongue to make them perfectly clean … after several minutes of giving him instructions on how to lick the soles from the bottom up .. … between each toe where dirt accumulates! His job was absolutely a disaster. So I slapped him with my foot several times and then gagged him with my foot as punishment for not doing a good job … then I ordered him to suck my toes one by one!

I wanted my feet to be super clean! After that … I inspected my own feet every inch for dirt that he hasn’t cleaned yet and guess what? I found several dirty spots! So I decided to give her a real gagg! FOOT GAGGING is my specialty! I grabbed him tightly by his hair and pulled his face to my feet, I ordered him to open wide and I started feeling nauseous NON-STOP for several minutes… I tried to kept my feet as much time as I can while he was gagging , again and again he started crying, he begged for mercy!

But I didn’t stop, I kept gagging him until my feet were full of his drool and his eyes were watery! … NO MERCY FOR HIM! I made him lick all the saliva of my feet at the end!

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