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For REAL Gang tickle

JJ came to us telling us that she is super ticklish and is constantly tickled by her husband and their friends. But thought this would be a fun shoot! So she comes with a bunch of friends and one thing led to another and basically it turned into a free for all gang tickling on her.. Once she was all strapped down her friends and husband were like OMG i would love to get her now and I was like, well, ok! LOL, we totally tickled this girl to tears! no joke, a few times she was silent from not breathing, it was a tickle for sure, at one point there was 4 guys and 1 girl all tickling her at one time! Just phenomenol!

If you want to see a ticklish girl get strapped down and straddled, then tickled more than she has ever been, to the point tears are visable from laughing so much then you will LOVE this one, Meet JJ our newest ticklee! 15 mins of all out tickling on this poor girl.

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