Absolute Hysteria Near to Tears on the Sofa for Yuna

Length – 13:20

The insanely ticklish Yuna endures here an extremly intensive tickle torture on her horribly sensitive bare feet.
She is totally at the mercy of the tickler who has decided to push her out of her ticklish limits, beyond of that she can bear.
Yuna’s feet are so ticklish that she really suffers near to tears each time they are tickled intensively like here and her reactions are just fantastic.
Her hands are tied behind her back and all she can do is to become crazy all long the clip.
This session is not as long as usual because the poor 18 years old student was not able to endure more but the 13 minutes are memorable.
A very intensive bare feet tickle torture for an horribly ticklish girl who probably will hate us forever.

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