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Gag on My Big Feet with Sadie Holmes

Definition - 1080P
Length - 05:21


Sadie Holmes is offering her large, curvy soles to her foot fetish friend Archer Legend. He loves to lick, nibble and suck on Sadie’s perfect size ten feet. With feet so perfectly shaped, attached to a woman so willing to show them off is the right combination for some incredible foot worshiping. Archer so adores her feet and toes that he wants to actually devour them. Sadie is impressed with how far he is able to get her feet into his mouth. She giggles as she feels the tips of her toes scrapping the back of his throat.

Sadie gets into it and encourages Archer to take it until he gags. He’ll do anything she asks, so he pulls each foot deeper into his mouth until he gags uncontrollably. Sadie Holmes loves to see the way he proves his love to her incredible feet.

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