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Dance Baby and Tickle!


Length - 19:27 - 1080P

This clip based on the script from our customer.
Here’s his scrip:
clothes: tight low rise jeans shorts plus a shirt and a bikini top or bra underneath (whatever works).
Maximum exposure of midriff.
Bondage: the cross (used in some of your videos) if not possible then spread-eagle on the bed.
Start filming at the feet while she is standing on the floor untied up moving up toward her face. Then zoom out so we see her from knee to head. She has her shirt unbuttoned and let out. she starts to slowly dancing meanwhile slowly starting to tie a knot with the shirt. The knot should be tight just beneath the breast….making sure there is maximum belly exposure. she continues dancing slowly touching the stomach and then stretching her arms up.
then turning around and dancing a shorty with the back towards the camera.

Cut to her being in the same cloths but tied to the cross. Sleeveless shirt, start tickling both her armpits with feather and then move to the stomach. After a bit then slowly let the fingers roll under her arms, tummy and side…Then intensify the tickling all the time focusing on the side, tummy and under arms.

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