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Gaming Ticklish Twister – Aksinya and Dark Ariel vs Lisenok and Agata in 3 Very Ticklish Rounds!

Length - 30:10
- 1080P -
Published 18 December, 2022

By Dero

The game of ticklish Twister begins and its leader who will turn a spinner is Klavdia. She invites team members. The first pair of the team “Olive Branch” is Agata and Lisenok. And the “Thorn Wreath” team – Aksinya and Dark Ariel.
The girls introduced themselves and listened to the rules.
Then the girls find out which team makes the first move. Then they find out who will do the first move between team members.
After spinning, Klavdia announces which hand or foot should be placed on the corresponding circle. After all the participants have used their arms and legs, they remain in these positions and Klavdia tickles the participants in turn. The first two girls who fell become captives for punishment at the end of the round. Of course, it’s going to be an intense tickle!

Attention, spoilers! 🙂

Round 1. Losers – Dark Ariel and Agata. Punishment – lying with their hands and feet tied, blindfolded. The bras have been removed. Tickling for the feet and sides, breasts, and belly. Both girls are super ticklish and laugh a lot.

Round 2. Losers – Lisenok and Aksinya. They get a semi-sitting position in double stocks with fixed hands. The bras have been removed. Blindfolded. Agata and Dark Ariel tickle their feet and Klavdia tickles their sides from behind, both ticklees squeal and laugh with all their might!

Round 3. Losers – Aksinya and Dark Ariel. As a punishment, tickling with their hands fixed on top. From the intense tickling, Dark Ariel even rips off the carbine. This is the most ticklish girl today.
Aksinya turned out to be the most emotional, and Lisenok the most elegant ticklee. Although, of course, all girls rightfully deserve this title 🙂

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