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Long topless tickle session with new model Dark Ariel – Beautiful body and soft soles

Meet a new model – Ariel. Or Dark Ariel, this name suits her better, since the girl has a very cunning sight and is very unpredictable. She may not be ticklish and then react strongly to it when she relaxes. Ariel came in a denim jacket over her naked body and took it off. In only panties, she lay down on the massage table.
We decided to test her with some classic upper body and feet tickling.

Agata will be a tickler and she started with gentle fingernail tickling. She tickled the new girl using a technique of tickling her thumbs on the armpits and ribs and tickling her under panties with her nails. Ariel laughed and gradually began to get used to the hands of the new tickler, thereby disarming herself.

Then Agata used oil on the girl’s body and smeared it over her breasts and began to tickle her nipples. Ariel became excited and became very ticklish. She laughed hysterically and loved it. Agata began to tickle her feet and the girl reacted like crazy. Her soles were very tender.
Agata again returned to the upper body and began to tickle under the panties. Then she attacked Ariel’s feet again.

Then we changed the pose for the girl, she got into a semi-sitting position. Agata tickled her from behind and then moved to her feet.
We can say that Ariel is a successful model, she claims that she would like to try something harder. And also would not refuse to tickle intimate places (you can commission such a clip with her).

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