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Girl behind girl – Crazy tickle in stocks

Length - 12:17
- 1080P -
Published 8 August, 2022

Name: Irma and Gera
Age: 23 and 26
Height: 174 and 169 cm
Shoe size – 38 (8.5 US) and 37 (7 US)
Occupation: models
Two girls, Irma and Gera are now in an unusual position. Gera placed her legs in stocks, and her girlfriend Irma seated behind her and placed the legs wider. This position is used by us for the first time, but as you will see – it works.

Gera is very ticklish, she goes crazy from every touch (including a feather), and if the tickling becomes more intense, then she goes completely mad. It seems that her friend Irma must be even more afraid, because of her friend laughs as hell in front at her. I try to tickle the feet of each girl at the same time and in turn. Gera’s feet become sweat and hypersensitive, and Irma’s feet react just fine. I love touching her feet – it’s very nice to feel the sexy skin of her soles.

To the end I take a spinning roller and tickle the legs of the girls. Then I complicate the task: Gera tickles Irma’s feet, and I tickle them both.
Do not miss this wonderful and crazy tandem of tickling girls woven with each other !

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