Tickling in the Stocks Is Worse Than Hell for Dorothee


Length - 12:21 - 720P

Everytime we tickle a redhead model, everytime we get incredible reactions!!
We really have to admit that redhead girls are really really more ticklish than other girls.
The sexy Dorothee confirms the rule because she is deathly ticklish all over and her feet are just incredible!
We didn’t got this type of reactions since the terrifyingly ticklish Krysta or Hortense.

The slightest touch on her underarms, soles and toes drives her insane with incredible convulsions and uncontrollable laughter.

Intensive tickle is really worse than heel for Dorothee but curiously she enjoyed a lot to be pushed to her ticklish limits.
Some girl are super super ticklish on their feet but believe us Dorothee is above them!

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