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Girls and Guys Have Some Fun With Talia’s Insanely Ticklish Bare Feet

Definition - 1080P
Length - 16:07


The exotic and beautiful Talia is a delicious 19 years old student who came from Madagascar to study in France. We LOVE exotic girls at Frenchtickling especially when they’re INSANELY ticklish as Talia. This very sexy girl LOVES to be tickled even if she become crazy when she’s tickled. Every inch of her body is super ticklish and she is unable to stop laughing hysterically when her feet, sides or underarms are sadistically titillated. Her first tickling experience begins with a strong bare feet punishment in the stocks. The sisters Lila and Flore are decided to have some fun with Talia’s feet as the two guys. If you love EXTREMELY TICKLISH GIRLS you’re welcome with Talia.

Guys continue to drive the girl insane in the stocks during the first three minutes then she’s hogtied on a sofa and mercilessly bare feet tickled by her friend Lila during five nice minutes. They’re decided to push her to her ticklish limits and it is not very difficult with a super ticklish girl as Talia. Guys and Lila use fingers, electric brushes, hairbrushes and the evil glove of course. Every techniques drive the girl hysterical and she explodes in laughter without any possibilities to remove her ticklish feet from the tickling. Just watch her losing control and trying to get away! You can see the look on her face.

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