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Jiu-jitsu foot domination and humiliation

Jack’s training and workout session is done, he’s in his civil clothes and making a call with his friend. Behind him, there is this small girl who trains there too. And Jack can’t stand her up. She’s not worthy jiu jitsu rival. Such a small girl…pche! But he’s saying that all out loud so she can hear that and she really doesn’t appreciate it. So she thinks it’s time to show him how good she is. She grabs him by his neck and totally submits him to her power.

She may be small but she’s really strong and skilled and Jack is practically begging for mercy by the end, kissing her feet in humility and saying she’s the best one, much better then him, while most of the time he’s being foot smothered and foot humiliated by her small sweaty feet. At the end she’s standing on his neck, doing throat trample and making Jack lick her feet, doing victory poses and enjoying her win. This is a girl you don’t want to mess with!

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