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Goddess Devotion After Training

Gorgeous Michelle had heard a rumor from a friend that there was a submissive girl in the neighborhood willing to obey any hot woman’s orders who approached her with an arrogant attitude. Since Michelle has always enjoyed receiving attention and avoided lifting a finger to carry out menial tasks, she didn’t think it twice and decided to look for this humble girl. When Michelle met Molly, she could notice immediately that dominating her would be an easy accomplishment.

Therefore with a demanding voice, she told Molly to come over next week to her place so that she can help her with some errands. Molly was so impressed by Michelle’s beauty and voice that she accepted right away. In this video, Michelle receives Molly as she promised and mentions to her that she needs some assistance to have her old sneakers cleaned, but she is a little bored, then, to make things more interesting she wants Molly to wipe up her sneakers using her tongue. That way they will be shiny again and she can have some fun at the same time. The poor girl doesn’t dare to contradict Michelle and without hesitation she kneels in front of her to lick all the dirt stuck on those soles while Michelle just stares with satisfaction and inspects her work from time to time. Michelle explains to her new servant girl that her feet are very sweaty and stinky because she had a long training session at the gym and she thinks Molly should appreciate that fragrance by taking off her sneakers to inhale the sweet scent emanating from her cute socks.

Michelle’s socks are very stained due to the foot sweat gathered there but she doesn’t care at all and makes Molly press her soft face against them. Molly feels a little dizzy by the stench but she continues taking big whiffs in Michelle’s socks to not disappoint her. After a while, Michelle wants to feel Molly licking her precious feet so she commands the slave girl to remove her stinky socks and start cleaning her bare soles and sucking her hot toes. Molly takes deep breaths between Michelle’s toes while the Goddess insults and mocks her without any pity.

Michelle’s soles eventually become cleaner and she is more than pleased with Molly’s performance. It seems like this Goddess has found a new slave and she is already devising wonderful ideas to reinforce Molly’s loyalty

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