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SASHA, Breaking Her “Not Ticklish FEET”

If you follow my work, you probably know that I’m an “upper Body” man.

I do feet tickling as well, but I like the upper part more.
That said, this particular video is one of my favorite ones.
I remember feeling it when I shoot it, when I edit it, and now when I finally posting it.

I’m not sure what it is that I like, the fact that she didn’t think she was ticklish?
they way that we held her making her see what we are doing, watching her face as she realized that her feet are ticklish as well?
i think that all of this combined got me to really like this one, even though I prefer upper body tickling.

so, her legs are tied, Ori is holding her still from behind, Yours truly laying on her legs making her completely immobilized,
and Adeline And Khalessie takes one foot each making her regret she ever came for our stupid party the other night.
this is the last one from this truly amazing ticklee.

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