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Grand Tickle Assault – Vengeance

Ok the time was now. After the hell I’ve reigned upon Violet and Mia for the last year, I finally gave in. The stars aligned, and Scarlett was here for her first visit, so what the hell.


Vengeance was here. I let myself get jacketed, gagged, and blindfolded. Strapped up, my feet of course were inescapably locked in my own bracket.

The girls were cute about it (I say that sarcastically) and took selfies over my unawares self. Yes really.

Then it began. I had all three on me, at times it was 2 on 1, while the third worked the camera. I DIDNT give them a time limit and didn’t realize this fact until my face was well gagged and taped firmly to the table. I couldn’t lift my head. I couldn’t speak.

And they had their way with me.

For 20. Long. Minutes.

Enjoy. I didn’t.

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