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Guadaloupe’s ex School Mate Immobilized and Tickled No-Mercy !

It’s been a while since Guadaloupe is been looking for new ladies to get hold of, out of nowhere she got a call from an old school friend (Sonia)…

They had some tea and started chatting for quite some time, then she started asking Guadaloupe some personal questions like work ecc…

Guadaloupe told her about a side hustle but not many details, she told her that you must get tied and try to escape blabla…

Well it was kinda true tho, after she wrapped her up well she thought about fixing her to the sofa too so she won’t escape, then Guadaloupe pulled out some lotion and a hairbrush.

At the beginning she was kinda disoriented but then she told her “let the tickling begin”
Tickled every single spot of her big feet!

She enjoyed it at the end too.

Probably coming back very soon!!

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