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Lesbian sisters foot worship

Length - 22:20
- 1080P -
Published 18 April, 2022

Celia and Alyssia are back from their run, and as usual, their feet are sooo stinky and sweaty! Alyssia removes her sis shoes and socks and start smelling her feet with deep breathes. After few minute of intense foot smelling, Celia admits that she also really wants to smell her sis feet. Alyssia is very happy s because it means they will be able to smell each other feet after every workout. And that’s what they do! At the end, Alyssia finally take advantage on Celia and put her feet right on her face as she lay on the floor.
For all Girl/Girl foot worship lover!! A lot of close-up!

Celia et Alyssia sont de retour de leur jogging et comme d’habitude, leurs pieds sont super odorants et transpirants! Alyssia enlève les chaussures et chaussettes de sa sœur et commence a renifler son pieds a l’aide de grande respiration. Apres quelques minutes d’intense reniflage, Celia avoue qu’elle aimerai aussi beaucoup sentir les pieds de sa soeur. Alyssia est super contente d’entendre ca car elle pourront desormais sentir mutuellement leurs pieds apres chaque jogging. Et c’est ce qu’elle font donc! A la fin, Alyssia prend le dessus sur Célia et pose ses pieds directement sur son visage pendant qu’elle est allongée sur le sol.
Pour tous les amateurs de foot worship entres filles! Beaucoup de gros plans!

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