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“Have mercy but Dont have mercy! LOL” New girl Del gets strapped in for her Finale

“Have mercy but i don’t want you guys to have mercy!” Yes, she said that right after we got her strapped down on the bench! Arms, legs, elbows, feet all strapped down and pretty tight too,It was time to see how ticklish she was on her upper body areas! Keely was like so ready to go like ” can we go, can we go??” LOL Lets just say this girl is an absolute grand slam right here,

We love when we get girls like her in. So sweet, fun and just FUN! And what a trooper, we went after her HARD and she just screamed and laughed the whole time,We did however need to give a few breaks but WOW, what a perfect ending to a perfect appointment! Get ready for the trifecta of perfect clips right here! Enjoy

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