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Ticklish agony of Alsu in a dungeon

By Dero

Alsu is in a dungeon dressed in a sexy oriental outfit and a juicy tickling in three positions awaits her.

1. Hogtie
Alsu is hogtied on the table and I will torment her slowly at first, and then faster and faster.
I run my fingers over her ticklish ribs and take her in a powerful grip to tickle her feet and sides at the same time. Then I lubricate her soles with cream and tickle her with a comb so that Alsu goes crazy. After that, I bite her feet and enjoy her insane reaction. After that, I give her a break

2. Tickling in stocks
Here I secured Alsu’s arms in cuffs, and her legs are locked in stocks. Sitting behind her, I strongly press on her sides and tickle her while she’s asking me to stop and gets exhausted. Then I lubricate her feet again with cream and tickle them with my hands. Alsu is already in a ticklish agony, but I don’t stop.

3. Standing position in bracelets on chains
This is the most advantageous position for me and not the best for Alsu – she almost cannot move her arms and legs.
Being behind, I tickle her sweaty body. She is especially ticklish now, she’s hot and tired and begs to stop.
The tickling came to an end and I almost let her go, freeing her arm and leg, but I suddenly attack her again like a predator and tickle her by surprise.
Finally, I release Alsu completely and she is happy 🙂

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