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Length - 10:06 -
Definition - 720P

Hysterically Ticklish 19 Years Old Sophia Is Pushed to Her Limits : Upperbody Tickling

If you love SUPER TICKLISH students you’ll love our new 19 years old model Sophia. This girl has one of the MOST TICKLISH BODY we have seen for a long time and her insane laughter is just wonderful. We discovered during the audition how she was ticklish and this is why we have immobilized her strongly on the device. Sophia is just hysterical when the tickling increases on her most ticklish spots and she really loses all control of herself. Her first experience begins with a short interview and she is tied and tickled on her upperbody.

The guy plays with her belly, sides, underarms, neck, arms and with her hands too because she’s so ticklish that every inch of her body is a source of hysterical laughters. Belly button tickling lovers will love her reactions to the feathers. If you enjoy to see a female body totally immobilized and tickled to hell you will never forget this clip!

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