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I tickle feet of napping Aksinya with my tongue + Active tickling of her lovely body on a cross with a blindfold

Aksinya in a dream
Aksinya fell resting, covered herself with a blanket, and rests sweetly. And I crept up and carefully bared her feet, they are juicy, large, and exciting. Of course, I began to tickle them slightly and watch her smile from the tickle. Then I tickle her harder and Aksinya laughs with her eyes closed.
Suddenly, she turns over so I take a break and then begin to tickle her feet again and also lick them with my tongue and tickle her toes with my lips. I enjoy her soles, and Aksinya starts caressing herself and squeeze her breasts. Then I tickle her feet intensely while she laughed out loud.

Aksinya on a cross
Aksinya lies on a cross and bound to it. She’s covered with a black veil. Her face is covered with a dark scarf so that she cannot see anything. She is completely naked. I tickle her body through the veil. I bare one of her feet and tickle her with pleasure, slowly rub her foot with my fingers. Then I do the same with the second one.
I strip her body to the waist and run my fingers gently over her breasts and nipples, tickling her sides, then returning to her feet and tickling harder.
I remove the blindfold and strongly tickle her body, then I tickle her feet with an electric toothbrush. I take the brush and tickle her pussy through the covers. Then I focus on her upper body and tickle her beautiful body.

You can contact us by email to get 20 minutes of extra stuff with a more intimate tickling of Aksinya. In this exclusive clip that won’t be published on the site, you will see the sensual tickling of her crotch, as well as feet tickling and licking of naked Aksinya.

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