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Topless Ulyasha at home – Tickling and biting her orange feet + upper body and hogtie

Ulyasha steps on the floor and approaches a table, wearing only her panties. Today there will be a home tickling of all her tender body parts.
She puts her feet on the table and gets carried away by texting on her cell. Her orange soles are so beckoning and of course, they need to be tickled. I run a feather over them and she laughs. Then I tickle her feet gently with my hands, running along the arch of her foot reaching her toes. Her tender feet are shaking and Ulyasha bursts into laughter. I massage between her toes and it excites and tickles her a little.
Then I start nibbling her feet. Ulyasha seems to ignore my tender nibbling at first but then laughs hysterically. When I run my tongue over her toes, she goes crazy. She can hardly stand it…
Then Ulyasha gets tied by the hands behind her back to the chair and I tickle her upper body. I tickle her armpits and sides and her bare breasts. Ulyasha is terribly ticklish and her boobs are shaking.
I clamp my hand over her mouth to keep her from screaming and tickle harder. Then I nibble on her waist and belly.

In the end, Ulyasha is already lying on the couch with her slender legs stretched out. I tie her into a hogtie and work with her feet. I tickle her heels and lick her toes, bite her soles, and Ulyasha laughs hysterically. I grab her sides with my hands and tickle her ribs intensely, bringing the slender beauty to exhaustion.
Well, it’s time to untie her. Ulyasha’s arms and back got numb already and she’s stretching in a beautiful pose.

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