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Ina Black can’t take it !

Step into the excitement as we welcome the sensational Ina Black back to our studio! After our last electrifying session, I wasn’t sure she’d summon the courage to return. Relive the thrill of her previous session here:

In the realm of professional wrestling, Ina Black is a true champion. Yet, beneath her tough exterior lies an irresistibly ticklish secret. Brace yourself for this latest chapter, where her vulnerability takes center stage once again. In fact, it seems her ticklishness has only intensified.

Accepting my invitation, Ina declared, ‘I’ve pondered long on our last encounter. I’m a resilient woman; I face professional wrestlers, even men. Yet, a mere feather reduced me to fits of laughter? That wasn’t the real me last time. I aim to prove that I can withstand the whimsical game of tickling this time.’ Well, Ina, the stage is set; let the games begin.

Securely bound to the couch, Ina’s journey unfolded as I playfully teased her ample feet with a feather. Initially, she resisted with subtle giggles, but I knew her true strength lay in her ability to resist. Setting the feather aside, I unleashed my fingers, starting at the soles and working my way down. In mere moments, Ina surrendered to uncontrollable laughter, and victory was mine.

The time had come for a lesson and the pleasure of indulging in a tickle torment. With determination in my eyes, I tickled her feet relentlessly until she gasped for breath. Her laughter echoed through the room, a sweet triumph for me.

Moving on to her belly and sides, Ina’s heightened sensitivity turned even the lightest touches into a symphony of laughter. The exploration continued to her armpits, where she claimed resistance, but I knew better. Delving into the most delicate parts, her laughter erupted like a joyous melody.

Enter the electric toothbrush, adding a new dimension to the tickle saga. Starting from her toes, Ina, resigned to her fate, let out laughter that echoed her surrender. The toothbrush dance continued on her belly, sides, and armpits, leaving her with nothing but laughter.

As I sat beside her upper body, a mischievous idea struck me – testing the ticklishness of her derrière. The result? Pure chaos. A light touch sent her squirming off the couch, a sight to behold.

For the grand finale, I decided to push Ina to her limits. She sensed it, the anticipation building. Fear etched across her face as she knew what was coming – the hairbrush! Despite her pleas, I proceeded to tickle her feet with unparalleled passion, breaking her spirit. A burst of defeated laughter filled the room, a blend of arousal and amusement.

So, savor every moment of this exhilarating spectacle!

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