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Inquisitor’s notes – the torture of the last witch

Finally, the witch was caught and taken to the chamber. Her hands are chained. There is a grim atmosphere, the inquisitor tells to the witch, intimidates her.
The inquisitor dressed in a dark black robe with a hood, and the witch is in rags and wears brown shoes without socks.
Since the witch is stubborn and unenthusiastic to admit that she practised witchcraft and to reveal the names of her fellow witches, the inquisitor binds her to the rack. She is on the cross. She is stretched and her hands are bound above her head. Her feet are bound together at the lower end of the rack. She is still stubborn…

When the inquisitor starts to threaten her with some “traditional” methods, the witch starts to get very nervous and anxious.The inquisitor being indecisive walks around the rack. When standing at the lower end, he suddenly remarks a vase on the table containing some goose feathers. The inquisitor starts to take off the witch’s shoes to expose her bare feet. The witch doesn’t have any idea what he is going to do to her and pleads him not to hurt her.

The inquisitor walks to the table, takes a goose feather, hides it behind his back and walks back to the lower end of the rack. The witch is asked if she knows that laughing can also be a vile, pain-causing punishment. In that moment, she realizes what is in store for her but she tries to stay tough. The inquisitor starts to tickle the naked soles of her feet. At the beginning, the witch is biting her teeth not to laugh but then she cannot hold it anymore and bursts out in hysterical laughter. Tickling seems to be even worse than the other methods the inquisitor described to her.

Then he bites her toes and she laughs wildly. Then he decides to go ahead and tickle her body and armpits. The witch is in agony, and the inquisitor bites and even licks her belly. But she’s still stubborn…
The continues for a couple of minutes until she cannot take it anymore and reveals some of the secrets.

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