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Intense tickling of topless Elizabeth – Four hands to young, tender and oiled body

Definition - 1080P
Length - 31:51


By John. Made by request

Elizabeth is topless. She stands at the post, tied to it. Up from her ankles, there is a rope which fastens her legs to the post. Her hands are tied upwards. Throughout the clip, she has been wearing a bandage over her eyes. This birdie won’t be able to watch where and how we’re going to tickle her.
I walk up to her and say that now you are waiting for a thirty-minute tickle hell and it will end only when the timer on my phone rings. That’s all the rules.
Elizabeth is very sensitive to the upper body tickling, and her submissive nature constantly pushes her to new experiments in BDSM and fetishes. Earlier I offered her such a scenario, and she agreed, I said that 30 minutes of tickling would be very hard to endure and it would be difficult for her. I saw a shine in her eyes after she nodded embarrassedly.

We’ve already tickled her in a position like this, and you can find this video here: Elizabeth – Tickling her tender tits and upper body with oil (FULL HD MP4) and it’s like a dress rehearsal for the current clip.
Tonight Elizabeth’s tender young body will be tickled with four hands. Throughout the clip, we lubricate her body with oil. The oil flows abundantly over her breasts, belly and sticks down, soaking her panties. Her skin becomes velvety under the influence of the oil My partner and I wear thin latex gloves to avoid leaving fingernail marks on her sensitive body.
So, dear Elizabeth, the timer is on, it’s time to tickle your armpits, tits, and tummy right now!


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