Isia Gets Her Revenge on Mayline's Soles


Length – 12:00

This is now time for Isia to get a nice revenge on her friend’s soles.
Mayline is more ticklish than she imagined and Isia is delighted by this great situation.

She has so much fun with the helpless milky soles and with Mayline’s explosions of laughters.

Isia uses fingers, hairbrushes, electric brush and the gloves discovering wich technique give the best results and how
to drive Mayline crazy.

She really tickles more than expected and this is an horrible situation for the sexy ticklee who realize that she will not be able to endure that during a long time.
We love when sexy girls have super ticklish feet as here and when they have so much fun with their friend’s soles and toes.

The tickler helps Isia at some moments to increase the tickling and to show her the best techniques but the clip is mostly F/F punishment.
Another great F/F session with two charming and extremely ticklish young girls.

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