Examination and touching Agata's sweet boobs by Lolly


Length – 16:13

After examining Lolly, Agata is in unbuttoned scrub already and doesn’t mind being examined too. Topless Lolly begins to squeeze sexy boobs of doctor Agata. She touches them, and then bites and kisses.
Next, Lolly intensely tickles bound Agatha. She rubs her belly button, tickles with one finger and bites her stomach. Agata laughs from the tickling.
Next, Lolly takes an electric toothbrush and use it to tickle Agata, and then sits on top of her and tickles her tummy, and then leads a sharp end of the feather over her belly.
In the end, she settles down at Agata’s bare feet and tickles her tied feet with a brush – Agata laughs and squeals.

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