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Jess & Lolah are wrapped together for a common hysteria

For the final a this great tickle party with New Model Jess & Lolah both girls are wrapped together for a common punishment.
The girls are tickled by the FT Tickler and our partner from LLT till they really cannot take it anymore.
This session is a real orgy of tickle torture with two girls pushed to their ticklish limits and you’ll enjoy crazy reactions you don’t see every day.

Jess & Lolah endure merciless tickling on their helpless bare feet, underarms, neck and sides till they really lose their mind especially Jess with her extreme laughter.
We love to tickle two girls simutaneously till they become crazy because it is a fantastic ticklish situation.
If you really love hysterical laughters you can’t miss this extreme punishment.

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